Seminar: Dr. Joey Hulbert

Speaker: Dr. Joey Hulbert, Post Doc, WSU PREC Tentative Seminar Title: Research needs for mitigating the emergence of Sooty Bark Disease in the Pacific Northwest

Seminar: Dr. Marianne Elliott

Speaker: Dr. Marianne Elliott, Research Associate, WSU PREC Tentative Seminar Title: Phytophthora ramorum in Washington State: Management Successes, Failures, and Challenges

Seminar: Dr. Mustaga Jibrin

Speaker: Dr. Mustafa O. Jibrin, Post Doc, WSU TFREC Tentative Seminar Title: Clonality and Recombination in the Globally Spread Bacterial Spot of Tomato and Pepper Pathogens

Seminar: Dr. Jane Stewart

Speaker: Dr. Jane Stewart, Associate Professor of Agricultural Biology, Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO Tentative Seminar Title: TBD

Seminar: Marilen Nampijja

Speaker: Marilen Nampijja, PhD student Tentative Seminar Title: RNA Interference Technology, Opportunities, and Challenges in the Management of Plant Diseases

Seminar: Kristen Bullough

Speaker: Kristen Bullough, PhD student Tentative Seminar Title: Cordyceps: From Zombie Ants to Chinese Medicine

Seminar: Dr. Richard Sniezko

Speaker: Dr. Richard Sniezko, Geneticist, US Forest Service Dorena Genetic Resource Center, Dorena, OR Tentative Seminar Title: Developing Resistant Populations of Trees to Non-Native Pathogens

Seminar: Ninh Khuu

Speaker: Ninh Khuu, PhD student Tentative Seminar Title: Mistletoe: Merging of Myth and Science

Seminar: Joseph Mellow

Speaker: Joseph K Mellow, MS student Tentative Seminar Title: Understanding Botrytis Gray Mold on Strawberry and its Fungicide Resistance Mechanisms