Charles Gardner Shaw Mycological Herbarium

The late, world-renowned mycologist Charles Gardner Shaw (pdf) served Washington State University for 36 years in the Department of Plant Pathology. On Sept. 10, 2011 the university’s mycological herbarium was dedicated in his name.

mycological herbarium sketch.

Founded by Frederick D. Heald in 1915 and enlarged and improved by Professor Charles Gardner Shaw, the Charles Gardner Shaw Mycological Herbarium contains approximately 75,000 specimens of fungi, which are available through online databases. The Herbarium includes  all major groups of fungi, with particular strength in smuts, downy mildew fungi, pyrenomycetes and forest tree pathogens.  Although the parasitic fungi of the Pacific Northwest are emphasized, the collection contains materials from throughout the world.

Collections of particular importance include those of W. Suksdorf, R. Sprague, G.F. Fischer, J.D Rogers, R, Duran, C. G. Shaw, and W. B. Cooke.  Loans are available to researchers from recognized botanical institutions in the USA and worldwide.  Individuals wishing to utilize the facilities of the Mycological Herbarium are welcome by prior arrangement with the department