Insect Identification

Please complete the Insect Identification Form (pdf) and submit with the sample.

  • Include three to five intact insects in a sample if possible.
  • Capture insects and immediately kill by freezing overnight.
  • Pack insects gently with tissues or cotton in a glass or plastic bottle.
    • If desired, include a plant sample showing damage in a separate bag or container.
  • Place vial containing samples in a crush-proof box for mailing.

**If you plan to drop off a sample you may kill the insect by placing it in 70% alcohol. However, do not place butterflies, moths, or bees in alcohol, as key diagnostic features will be ruined.

Note: It is illegal to mail samples preserved in alcohol as it is considered a flammable liquid.

Please do not send live insects, crushed insects or insects caught on tape or on sticky traps.