Written by G. W. Bruehl for the Washington State University centennial anniversary, this work contains a great deal of interesting information about the department, Washington State University, and the State of Washington.

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Washington State Plant Pathologists

Above picture taken at the Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Conference, November 27, 1950.

Front row, left to right: H.B. Busdicker, C.J. Gould, G.W. Fischer, R.C. Lindner, D.M. McLean, Folke Johnson.
Second row, left to right: M.R. Harris, W.D. Courtney, S.B. Locke, Roderick Sprague, Leo Campbell, A.E. Rich, J.D. Menzies.
Third row, left to right: W.D. Yerkes, J.P. Meiners, R.C. Cummings, S.W. Graham, H.E. Williams, E.C. Blodgett, T.O. Diener, J.G. Barrat.
Forth row: C.M. Wright, H.H.V. Hord
Absent: C.S. Holton, E.L. Reeves, H.C. Kirkpatrick, T.R. Wright