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Achour Amiri

Location: Wenatchee

Tel: 509-663-8181 ext 268 (office) / 228 (Lab)

Research Interests
Tree Fruit Pathology, postharvest diseases, epidemiology and disease management.

Gary A. Chastagner

Location: Puyallup

Tel.: (253) 445-4528

Research Interests
Sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum), management of diseases of ornamental bulb crops and Christmas trees, and factors that affect the postharvest quality of Christmas trees.

Lindsey du Toit

Location: Mount Vernon

Tel.: (360) 848-6140
Cell: (360) 391-2407

Research Interests
Etiology, epidemiology, and management of diseases of small-seeded vegetable seed crops in the Pacific Northwest.

Maren Friesen

Location: Pullman

Office: Plant Sciences
Lab: Plant Sciences 383

Tel.: (509)335-5805

Research Interests
Biological nitrogen-fixation, evolutionary ecology, population genomics, mathematical modeling.

Cynthia Gleason

Location: Pullman

Office: Plant Sciences Building Rm 263

Lab: Plant Sciences Building Rm 261

Office phone:  509-335-3742
Lab phone:  509-335-0350

Research Interests
Molecular basis of plant-nematode interactions.

Gary G. Grove

Location: Prosser

Office: Hamilton Hall – 136
Lab: Hamilton Hall – 131/132

Tel.: (509)786-9283

Research Interests
Epidemiology and forecasting of fungal diseases of cherries, peaches/nectarines, and grapes: epidemiology of powdery mildews; and electronic information transfer.

Scott Harper

Location: Prosser Clean Plant Center Northwest

Office: Hamilton Hall 201

Tel.: (509) 786-9230

Research Interests
Viruses of perennial crops, virus-virus and virus-host interactions, viral diagnostics and disease management

Chakradhar Mattupalli

Location: Mount Vernon


Tel.: (360) 848-6138


Research Interests: Dr. Chakradhar Mattupalli leads the Berry-Potato Pathology (BPP) program at the Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon, Washington. The focus of the BPP program is to develop novel approaches for management of diseases of blueberries and potatoes, as well as other small fruits produced in Northwestern Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Timothy D. Murray

Location: Pullman

Office: Johnson Hall 311A/345
Lab: Vogel Plant Bioscience 230

Tel.: (509)335-7515

Research Interests
Small grain diseases (foot and root rots of wheat), ecology and epidemiology of soilborne pathogens, genetics of disease resistance, and chemical control.

Hanu Pappu

Location: Pullman

Office: 353 Johnson Hall
Lab: 123 Vogel Plant Biosciences Building

Tel.: (509) 335-3752
Fax: (509) 335-9581

Research Interests
Plant Virology. Viruses and viral diseases of horticultural crops: Biology and molecular biology, genomics and proteomics of DNA and RNA viruses. Molecular ecology and epidemiology, molecular methods for virus detection and diagnosis, gene structure-function relationships, use of RNA and DNA viruses as tools for studying virus-host and virus-vector interactions, and conventional and biotechnological approaches for disease management.

Naidu Rayapati

Location: Prosser

Office: Hamilton Hall 108
Lab: Hamilton Hall 109

Tel.: (509) 786-9215
Fax: (509) 786-9370

Research Interests Grape Virology-Virus diseases of horticultural, vegetable and food crops. Virus characterization, diagnostics, plant-virus-vector interactions, development of integrated crop improvement strategies, virus diseases in international agriculture and capacity building in developing countries. Current focus is on virus diseases of grapevines and vegetables.

Kiwamu Tanaka

Location: Pullman

Office: Plant Sciences Rm 253
Lab: Plant Sciences Rm 251

Office: (509) 335-6418
Lab: (509) 335-5813

Research Interests
Molecular plant-microbe interactions and plant innate immunity.


Adjunct Faculty

Weidong Chen

Location: Pullman

Office: Johnson Hall 301A
Lab: Vogel Plant BioScience 227

Tel.: (509)335-9178

Research Interests
Fungal diseases of grain legumes, ecology and epidemiology of grain legume diseases, genetics of host-pathogen interactions.

Xianming Chen

Location: Pullman

Office: Johnson Hall 361
Lab: Vogel Plant Bioscience 233

Tel.: (509)335-8086

Research Interests
Rusts of cereal crops, epidemiology and control of rusts, disease resistance, and host-pathogen interactions.

Christina Hagerty

Location: OSU Columbia Basin Research Center,
Adams, Oregon


Research Interests
I am focused on serving the producers and stakeholders of high quality PNW wheat. My goal is to conduct relevant, practical, and applied research on the biology and control of plant-pathogenic fungi, viruses, and nematodes that limit yields of dryland wheat production in the Inland Pacific Northwest. My program is currently funded by the Oregon Wheat Commission, the Washington Grain Commission, USDA-ARS, The Oregon Ag. Experiment Station, and industry partners.



Roy Navarre

Location: Prosser

Tel.: (509)786-9261

Research Interests
The molecular basis of disease resistance mechanisms and inducible defenses, such as systemic acquired resistance, in potato.

Michelle Moyer

Location: Prosser

Tel: 509-786-9234

Research Interests
Viticulture extension and grape integrated pest management (foliar, fruit, trunk, and root pests and diseases)

Timothy Paulitz

Location: Pullman

Office: Johnson Hall 363
Lab: 324 Vogel PBS

Tel.: (509)335-7077

Research Interests
Soilborne pathogens of cereals; mycology.

Deven See

Location: Pullman

Office: Johnson Hall 209
Lab: Johnson Hall 291B

Tel.: (509)335-3630

Research Interests
Wheat genetics; molecular biology; genomics

Linda Thomashow

Location: Pullman

Office:  Johnson Hall 365

Tel.: (509)335-0930

Research Interests
Wheat root diseases, molecular biology and microbiology.

David M. Weller

Location: Pullman

Office:  Johnson Hall 367

Tel.: (509)335-6210

Research Interests
Biological control, influence of bacteria on take-all of wheat, cereal diseases, bacteriology.

George Vandemark

Location: Pullman

Office:  Johnson Hall 303W

Tel.: (509)335-7728

Research Interests
Legume germplasm and basic and applied investigations of problems associated with legume improvement.