Naidu Rayapati

Naidu Rayapati

Professor, VirologyDirector, Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center 509-786-9215 Hamilton Hall

Research Specialty and Interests

Virus diseases of horticultural, vegetable and food crops.  Virus characterization, diagnostics, plant-virus-vector interactions, development of integrated crop improvement strategies, virus diseases in international agriculture and capacity building in developing countries.  The current focus is on virus diseases of grapevines and vegetables (pdf). 

Professional Experience and Activities


  • Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, 2018-Present 
  • Associate Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, 2011-2018 
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, 2004-2011 
  • Research Associate, The University of Georgia, Athens, 1999-2004 
  • Consultant Virologist, Crop Protection Program, Department For International Development, United Kingdom, 1988-1999 
  • Scientist, Senior Scientist (Virology), Crop Protection Program, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), India/Malawi, 1992-1998
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1989-1992 
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, ICRISAT, India, 1987-1989 


  1. Member, Annual Meeting Board, the American Phytopathological Society (2013-2019). 
  2. Chair (2014) and Vice-Chair (2013), Plant Pathogen and Disease Detection Committee of the American Phytopathological Society. 
  3. Associate Editor, Phytopathology (2011-2013) 
  4. Chair (2010) and Vice-Chair (2009), Virology Committee of the American Phytopathological Society. 
  5. Member, Virology Committee (2005-Present), Plant Pathogen and Disease Detection Committee (2010-Present) and Vector-Pathogen Complexes Committee (2011-Present) of the American Phytopathological Society. 
  6. Technical Committee Member, IPM CRSP (USAID) (2006-2009). 

Awards, Honors, and Memberships


  1. CAHNRS Land Grant Mission Award (2020).   
  2. Honoree, WSU’s Top Industry Engaged Researchers (2017).   
  3. International IPM Excellence Team Award, The 6th International IPM Symposium (2009).  
  4. International Service Award, American Phytopathological Society (2007). 


  1. Member, The American Phytopathological Society 
  2. Member, The American Society for Virology 
  3. Member, American Society for Enology and Viticulture 
  4. Member, The American Entomological Society 


Research articles  

Please see my Google Scholar Profile for a complete list.

Full-length journal articles: 

  1. Donda, B.P., Kesoju, S.R., Arnold, K., McRoberts, N. and Naidu, R.A. 2022. Spatio-Temporal Spread of Grapevine Leafroll Disease in Washington State Vineyards. Plant Disease (accept with revision).  
  2. Das, S., Porter, L.D., Ma, Y., Coyne, C.J., Chaves-Cordoba, B. and Naidu, R.A. 2022. Resistance in lentil (Lens culinaris) genetic resources to the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum). Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (in press).  
  3. Gao, Z., Khot, L.R., Naidu, R.A. and Zhang, Q. 2020. Early detection of grapevine leafroll disease in a red-berried wine grape cultivar using hyperspectral imaging. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 179:105807.  
  4. Adiputra, J., Jarugula, S. and Naidu, R.A. 2019. Intra-species recombination among strains of the ampelovirus Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 4. Virology Journal 16: 139.  
  5. Adegbola, R.O., Marshall, S.H., Batuman, O., Ullman, D.E., Gilbertson, R.L., Adkins, S. and Naidu, R.A. 2019. Sequence analysis of the medium and small RNAs of impatiens necrotic spot virus reveals segment reassortment but not recombination. Archives of Virology 164: 2829-2836.   
  6. Sinha, R., Khot, L.R., Rathnayake, A.P., Gao, Z. and Naidu, R.A. 2019. Visible-near infrared spectroradiometry-based detection of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 in a red-fruited wine grape cultivar. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 162: 165-173.  
  7. Hanh, T., Hoa, N.V., Muniappan, R., Amrine, J., Naidu, R.A., Gilbertson, R. and Sidhu, J. 2019. Integrated pest management of longan (Sapindales: Sapindaceae) in Vietnam. Journal of Integrated Pest Management 10: 1–10.  
  8. Jarugula, S., Gowda, S., Dawson, W.O. and Naidu, R.A. 2018. Development of infectious cDNA clones of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 and analyses of the 5′ non-translated region for replication and virion formation. Virology 523: 89-99.   
  9. Adiputra, J., Kesoju, S.R., Naidu, R.A. 2018. The relative occurrence of Grapevine leafrollassociated virus 3 and Grapevine red blotch virus in Washington State vineyards. Plant Disease 102: 2129-2135.    
  10. Brannen, P.M., Deom, C.M., Alabi, O.J. and Naidu, R.A. 2018. Prevalence of viruses in commercial wine grape vineyards in Georgia. Plant Health Progress 19: 342-346.  
  11. Pandey, B., Naidu, R.A. and Grove, G.G. 2018. Next generation sequencing analysis of double-stranded RNAs from sweet cherry powdery mildew fungus Podosphaera prunicola. Journal of Plant Pathology 100: 435-446.  
  12. Pandey, B., Naidu, R.A. and Grove, G.G. 2018. Detection and analysis of mycovirusrelated RNA viruses from grape powdery mildew fungus Erysiphe necator. Archives of Virology 163: 1019-1030.  
  13. Tantiwanich, Y., Chiemsombat, P., Naidu, R.A., and Adkins, S. 2018. Integrating local lesion assays with conventional RT-PCR for detection of interspecies tospovirus reassortants and mixed tospovirus infections. Plant Disease 102: 715-719.  
  14. Marshall, S.H., Adegbola, R.O., Adkins, S., and Naidu, R.A. 2017. An efficient and high-fidelity method for amplification, cloning and sequencing of complete tospovirus genomic RNA segments. Journal of Virological Methods 242: 22-26.   
  15. Szostek, S.A., Rodriguez, P., Sanchez, J., Adkins, S., and Naidu, R.A. 2017. Western flower thrips can transmit Tomato spotted wilt virus from virus-infected tomato fruits. Plant Health Progress 18: 1-6.  
  16. Donda, B. P., Jarugula, S., and Naidu, R. A. 2017. An analysis of the complete genome sequence and subgenomicmRNAs reveals unique features of the ampelovirus, Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1. Phytopathology 107:1069-1079.   
  17. Poojari, S., Alabi, O.J., Okubara, P.A., and Naidu, R.A. 2016. SYBR® Green-based real-time quantitative reverse-transcription PCR for detection and discrimination of grapevine viruses. Journal of Virological Methods 235: 112–118.   
  18. Alabi, O.J., Casassa, L.F., Gutha, L.R., Larsen, R.C., Henick-Kling, T., Harbertson, J.F., and Naidu, R.A. 2016. Impacts of grapevine leafroll disease on fruit yield and grape and wine chemistry in a wine grape (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivar. PLoS ONE 11: e0149666.  
  19. Jones, T.J., Naidu, R.A., and Nita, M. 2015. Occurrence of Grapevine leafroll associated virus2, −3 and Grapevine fleck virus in Virginia, U.S.A., and factors affecting virus infected vines. European Journal of Plant Pathology 142: 209-222.  
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  22. Poojari, S., Alabi, O.J., Fofanov, V.Y., and Naidu, R.A. 2013. A leafhopper-transmissible DNA virus with novel evolutionary lineage in the family Geminiviridae implicated in grapevine redleaf disease by next-generation sequencing. PLoS ONE 8(6): e64194. (Correction: A leafhopper-transmissible DNA virus with novel evolutionary lineage in the family Geminiviridae implicated in grapevine redleaf disease by next-generation sequencing. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0147510, 2016).   
  23. Alabi, O.J., Poojari, S., Sarver, K., Martin, R.R., and Naidu, R.A. 2013. Complete genome sequence analysis of an American isolate of Grapevine virus E. Virus Genes 46:563–566.  
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Review Articles

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Disease Notes/Briefs:

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Book Chapters

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Extension Publications

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