Deven See

Deven See

Adjunct FacultyResearch Geneticist 509-335-3630 Clark Hall 

Research Specialty and Interests

  • Molecular genetics in wheat
  • Gene discovery
  • Mapping and pre-breeding implementation stripe rust resistance genes in wheat
  • Discovery and characterizing of adaptation genes
  • Characterizing chromosomal regions responsible for genome evolution in wheat


  • Ph.D., Kansas State University,Molecular Biology/Plant Pathology, 2006
  • M.S., Montana State University, Genetics, 2000
  • B.S., Montana State University, Biology, 1998

Professional Experience and Activities


  • Adjunct Professor, Plant Pathology, Washington State University, 2007 – Present


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  • Sthapit J, Newcomb M, Bonman J. M, Chen X, and See D. R. 2014. Genetic diversity for stripe rust resistance in wheat landraces and identification of accessions with resistance to stem rust and stripe rust. Crop Science 54:2131-2139.
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