Dr. Mustafa Jibrin and Dr. Hira Kamal

Dr. Mustafa Jibrin is a post-doctorial researcher in Dr. Achour Amiri's lab and Dr. Hira Kamal is a post-doctorial researcher with Dr. Hanu Papu. “Insights into Patulin Contamination and threat to Washington State Processing Apple Industry” Mustafa O. Jibrin, PhD Department of Plant Pathology Abstract: Patulin contamination in apples, usually associated with the blue mold […]

Dr. Kasi Viswanath Kotapati

Dr. Kasi Viswanath is a post doctorial researcher with Dr. Hanu Pappu. "Antiviral mechanism in Orchid plants under Cymbidium mosaic virus and Odontoglossum ringspot virus infection"  Abstract: The orchid industry faces severe threats from diseases caused by viruses. Argonaute proteins (AGOs) have been shown to be the major components in the antiviral defense systems through […]

Hannah Merrill and Elliot Marston

Hannah Merrill is a graduate student with Dr. Xianming Chen and Elliot Marston is a graduate student with Dr. Deven See. "A Light in the Darkness: History, Phylogeny, Physiology, and Applications of Bioluminescent Fungi" Elliot Marston, PhD Candidate, See Lab, Department of Plant Pathology Abstract: Our record of bioluminescent fungi dates back nearly two millennia, […]

Jonathan Puglisi and Pandey Madan

Jonathan Puglisi and Pandey Mandan are graduate students with Dr. Achour Amiri. "Nanoparticles and their use in plant disease management” Madan Pandey , Masters Degree Candidate, Achour Lab, Department of Plant Pathology Abstract: The global increase in demand for food production with minimum ecological damage has been very challenging. Although it is possible to meet […]

Prabu Gnanasekran and Madan Panday

Dr. Prabu Gnanasekran is a post-doctorial researcher in Dr. Hanu Pappu's Laboratory and Pandey Madan is a graduate student with Dr. Achour Amiri. "Phenotypic and molecular Characterization of fungicide sensitivity in various Penicillium species causing blue mold of pome fruit in Pacific Northwest" Madan Pandey, Masters student, Department of Plant Pathology Abstract: Blue mold disease […]

Richard Manasseh-PhD Candidate Defense Seminar

"Molecular Features of the (In-) compatibility between Potato and Potato virus Y" Richard Manasseh, PhD candidate defense seminar, Dr. Hanu Papu Laboratory, Department of Plant Pathology Abstract: Viral phytopathogens attack a wide range of crops worldwide, resulting in economic losses of nearly US$60 billion annually. In potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), the most devastating crop losses […]

Student Invited Speaker- Dr. Adam Steinbrunner

"Within Spitting Distance: A Plant Immune Receptor for Caterpillar Oral Secretions" Assistant Professor at University of Washington. Dr. Steinbrunner is one of the world leading scientist researching pattern recognition receptors (PRR) and discovered the first receptor of HAMP (herbivore-associated molecular patterns) from chewing insects. The plant innate immune system detects molecular patterns associated with diverse […]

Dr. Joey Hulbert and Dr. Kylie Swisher-Grimm

"Citizen science can enhance biosecurity surveillance: opportunities for plant disease monitoring and research at WSU" Dr. Joey Hulbert, post-doctorial researcher with Dr. Gary Chastagner.  Abstract Citizen science is an approach […]

Dr. Jenny Broome

"New Tools for Safe-Guarding Berry Plant Health" From the Nursery to the Consumer" Dr. Janet C. "Jenny" Broome, Senior Research Manager, Global Plant Health Department, and Scientist, Driscoll's Inc., Watsonville, […]

Dr. Arild Arifin

"Early detection of major quarantine postharvest pathogens of apple and pear in the U.S. Pacific Northwest" Dr. Arild R. Arifin, Department of Plant Pathology, Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center […]