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Gita Bangera


Lori M. Carris

Mycology; biology and systematics of smut fungi, esp. Tilletiales. PULLMAN

Gary A. Chastagner

Sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum), management of diseases of ornamental bulb crops and Christmas trees, and factors that affect the postharvest quality of Christmas trees. PUYALLUP

Weidong Chen

Fungal diseases of grain legumes, ecology and epidemiology of grain legume diseases, genetics of host-pathogen interactions. PULLMAN

Xianming Chen

Rusts of cereal crops, epidemiology and control of rusts, disease resistance, and host-pathogen interactions. PULLMAN

Lindsey du Toit

Etiology, epidemiology, and management of diseases of small-seeded vegetable seed crops in the Pacific Northwest. MOUNT VERNON

Frank Dugan

Ascomycetes and associated anamorphs; fungi endophytic in higher plants. PULLMAN

Ken C. Eastwell

Management and detection of virus diseases, especially of perennial crops such as fruit trees and hops. PROSSER

Gary G. Grove
Epidemiology and forecasting of fungal diseases of cherries, peaches/nectarines, and grapes: epidemiology of powdery mildews; and electronic information transfer. PROSSER
Lee A. Hadwiger
Genetic engineering of disease resistance in plants; gene activation in fungi and plants; signaling in host- parasite interactions. PULLMAN
Scot H. Hulbert
Genetics of disease resistance in cereals and virulence in cereal pathogens; disease management in conservation-oriented cropping systems. PULLMAN
Debra A. Inglis
Diseases of specialty vegetable crops, and their control. MOUNT VERNON
Dennis A. Johnson
Epidemiology and disease management of potato diseases, mint diseases, and extension plant pathology. PULLMAN
Ned Klopfenstein
Molecular diagnostics of forest pathogens and microbes, genetic structure of host and pathogen populations across forest landscapes and environments. MOSCOW
Mark Mazzola
Soilborne diseases of fruit trees, microbial ecology, molecular biology. WENATCHEE
Timothy D. Murray
Small grain diseases (foot and root rots of wheat), ecology and epidemiology of soilborne pathogens, genetics of disease resistance, and chemical control. PULLMAN
Roy Navarre
The molecular basis of disease resistance mechanisms and inducible defenses, such as systemic acquired resistance, in potato. PROSSER
Patricia Okubara
Host genes governing plant-microbe interactions; molecular basis of disease resistance and biological control of cereal root pathogens. PULLMAN
Hanu Pappu
Plant Virology. Viruses and viral diseases of horticultural crops: Biology and molecular biology, genomics and proteomics of DNA and RNA viruses. Molecular ecology and epidemiology, molecular methods for virus detection and diagnosis, gene structure-function relationships, use of RNA and DNA viruses as tools for studying virus-host and virus-vector interactions, and conventional and biotechnological approaches for disease management. PULLMAN
Timothy Paulitz
Soilborne pathogens of cereals; mycology. PULLMAN
Tobin L. Peever
Small fruit pathology and epidemiology, fungicide resistance, population biology of plant pathogenic fungi. PULLMAN, MOUNT VERNON
Naidu Rayapati
Molecular biology of plant viruses, genomics of virus-vector-host interactions, viral diagnostics, epidemiology and management of viral diseases.  PROSSER
Deven See
Molecular genetics in wheat, discovery and mapping of genes. PULLMAN
Kiwamu Tanaka
Molecular plant-microbe interactions and plant innate immunity. PULLMAN
Linda Thomashow
Wheat root diseases, molecular biology and microbiology. PULLMAN
David M. Weller
Biological control, influence of bacteria on take-all of wheat, cereal diseases, bacteriology. PULLMAN
George Vandemark
Chang Lin Xiao
Fungal and bacterial diseases of tree fruits, postharvest pathology, and disease epidemiology. PARLIER, CA
Long-Xi Yu
Applying genomic tools for enhancing resistance to biotic and abiotic stress in forage crops. PROSSER


Emeritus/Retired Faculty

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