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Name, Location, and Discipline

Achour Amiri – WENATCHEE
Tree Fruit Pathology, postharvest diseases, epidemiology and disease management.

Gita Bangera – BELLEVUE

Lori M. Carris – PULLMAN
Mycology; biology and systematics of smut fungi, esp. Tilletiales.

Gary A. Chastagner – PUYALLUP
Sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum), management of diseases of ornamental bulb crops and Christmas trees, and factors that affect the postharvest quality of Christmas trees.

Weidong Chen – PULLMAN
Fungal diseases of grain legumes, ecology and epidemiology of grain legume diseases, genetics of host-pathogen interactions.

Xianming Chen – PULLMAN
Rusts of cereal crops, epidemiology and control of rusts, disease resistance, and host-pathogen interactions.

Lindsey du Toit – MOUNT VERNON
Etiology, epidemiology, and management of diseases of small-seeded vegetable seed crops in the Pacific Northwest.

Frank Dugan – PULLMAN
Ascomycetes and associated anamorphs; fungi endophytic in higher plants.

Maren L. Friesen – PULLMAN
Biological nitrogen-fixation, evolutionary ecology, population genomics, mathematical modeling.

Cynthia Gleason – PULLMAN
Molecular basis of plant-nematode interactions.

Gary G. Grove – PROSSER
Epidemiology and forecasting of fungal diseases of cherries, peaches/nectarines, and grapes: epidemiology of powdery mildews; and electronic information transfer.

Scott Harper – PROSSER Clean Plant Center Northwest
Viruses of perennial crops, virus-virus and virus-host interactions, viral diagnostics and disease management

Scot H. Hulbert – PULLMAN
Genetics of disease resistance in cereals and virulence in cereal pathogens; disease management in conservation-oriented cropping systems.

Debra A. Inglis – MOUNT VERNON
Diseases of specialty vegetable crops, and their control.

Dennis A. Johnson – PULLMAN
Epidemiology and disease management of potato diseases, mint diseases, and extension plant pathology.

Ned Klopfenstein – MOSCOW
Molecular diagnostics of forest pathogens and microbes, genetic structure of host and pathogen populations across forest landscapes and environments.

Mark Mazzola – WENATCHEE
Soilborne diseases of fruit trees, microbial ecology, molecular biology.

Timothy D. Murray – PULLMAN
Small grain diseases (foot and root rots of wheat), ecology and epidemiology of soilborne pathogens, genetics of disease resistance, and chemical control.

Roy Navarre – PROSSER
The molecular basis of disease resistance mechanisms and inducible defenses, such as systemic acquired resistance, in potato.

Patricia Okubara – PULLMAN
Host genes governing plant-microbe interactions; molecular basis of disease resistance and biological control of cereal root pathogens.

Hanu Pappu – PULLMAN
Plant Virology. Viruses and viral diseases of horticultural crops: Biology and molecular biology, genomics and proteomics of DNA and RNA viruses. Molecular ecology and epidemiology, molecular methods for virus detection and diagnosis, gene structure-function relationships, use of RNA and DNA viruses as tools for studying virus-host and virus-vector interactions, and conventional and biotechnological approaches for disease management.

Timothy Paulitz – PULLMAN
Soilborne pathogens of cereals; mycology. PULLMAN

Small fruit pathology and epidemiology, fungicide resistance, population biology of plant pathogenic fungi.

Lyndon D. Porter – PROSSER
Integrated pest management strategies to control potato, pea, alfalfa, bean, chickpea and lentil diseases; foliar and root rotting pathogens on these crops.

Naidu Rayapati – PROSSER
Molecular biology of plant viruses, genomics of virus-vector-host interactions, viral diagnostics, epidemiology and management of viral diseases.

Deven See – PULLMAN
Molecular genetics in wheat, discovery and mapping of genes.

Kiwamu Tanaka – PULLMAN
Molecular plant-microbe interactions and plant innate immunity.

Linda Thomashow – PULLMAN
Wheat root diseases, molecular biology and microbiology.

David M. Weller – PULLMAN
Biological control, influence of bacteria on take-all of wheat, cereal diseases, bacteriology.

George Vandemark – PULLMAN

Chang Lin Xiao – PARLIER, CA
Fungal and bacterial diseases of tree fruits, postharvest pathology, and disease epidemiology.

Emeritus/Retired Faculty

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