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Plant Pathology makes WSU News Top 10 research news

Posted by chagelganz | March 18, 2019

Research stories on Lindsey du Toit’s spinach work and the Honeybee Team (including our own Jennifer Han!) made the WSU News top research coverage of 2018, as based on potential audience.

“The WSU Marketing and Communications office analyzed every research news story distributed to reporters from the central news office or posted to EurekAlert, the subscription news service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Each story was analyzed in the Cision news database, which monitors the vast majority of news outlets and computes their potential audience based on outlets’ circulations or unique visitors. The potential audience serves as a guide to relative popularity; the number of actual readers is significantly smaller, as readers and visitors rarely take in every story in a periodical or website.

The value of science, let alone rational thought and evidence, is not self‑evident. In fact, it is under attack. It needs to be reclaimed every day and at every opportunity, and media attention for the WSU research enterprise is a vital tactic in that pursuit.”