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Murray research on soil acidity

Posted by chagelganz | January 29, 2019

Tim MurrayFrom The Daily Evergreen

Article by HANNAH WELZBACKER, Evergreen reporter

The WSU Extension and The Farmers Network will host a soil acidity workshop on Thursday, Feb. 21, at Banyans on the Ridge at the Pavilion in Pullman.

Timothy Murray, WSU professor and extension plant pathologist, is speaking at the event about “The Effect of Soil Acidity on Wheat Diseases.”

Murray said soils in the Palouse have dropped in pH since the 1980s, causing an increase in acidity. Lower numbers on the pH scale mean the soils are more acidic.

Soil has a natural acidity level, however the soils in the Palouse are often worse because of the use of nitrogen-based fertilizer.

Acidic soils can impact nutrient availability, microbial activity, aluminum toxicity and plant diseases, he said.

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