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Our Graduates *


Christian Aguilar (MS with Dr. Tobin Peever): PhD student at WSU Plant Pathology, Wenatchee, WA
Segun Akinbade (MS with Dr. Ken Eastwell): WA State Department of Agriculture, Prosser, WA
Olufemi Alabi (PhD with Dr. Naidu Rayapati): Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Weslaco, TX
Ana Vida Alcala (PhD with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Research Scientist, Valent USA, Leland, MS
Christie Almeyda (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu): Postdoctoral fellow, NC State
Maryam Almoran (MS with Dr. Frank Dugan): PhD student, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
Marion Andrew (MS with Dr. Tobin Peever): Homemaker
Zahi Atallah (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Dean of Advanced Technology, Hartnell College, Alisal, CA
Renuka Attanayake (PhD with Dr. Weidong Chen): Postdoctoral fellow, USDA ARS, Pullman
Ebrahiem Babiker (PhD with Dr. Scot Hulbert): Postdoctoral fellow, USDA ARS, Aberdeen
Sudeep Bag (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu):  Postdoctoral Research Associate, UC Davis
Xiaodong Bao
(PhD with Dr. Lori Carris); Postdoctoral fellow, Penn State
Austin Bates (MS with Dr. Brenda Schroeder):  Custodian, WSU
Abby Beissinger (MS with Dr. Debra Inglis): Visiting Assistant Extension Educator of the Natural Resources Conservation Academy, University of Connecticut
Tyler Bourret (MS with Dr. Dean Glawe): PhD student, UC Davis
Jeff Bullock (PhD with Dr. Ken Eastwell): Executive Director for STEM Initiative Planning at the North Central Educational Service District, Washington
Peng Cheng (PhD with Dr. Xianming Chen): Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Missouri
Noma Chingandu (MS with Dr. Hanu Pappu): PhD student, University of Arizona
Eric Christianson (MS with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Assistant Crop Specialist, Rijk Zwaan Seed Co., Salinas, CA
Jamie Cummings (MS with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Research Technician, Cornell University, Department of Plant Pathology
Norm Dart (MS with Dr. Gary Chastagner): Plant Pathologist, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phuong Dinh (PhD with Drs. Axel Elling and Debra Inglis):  Plant Pathologist, Southern Horticultural Research Institute, Vietnam
Bhanu priya Donda (PhD with Dr. Naidu Rayapati): Plant Pathologist/VIrologist, Sunburst Plant Disease Clinic, Inc., Turlock, CA
Jeremiah Dung (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Assistant Professor, Oregon State University, Madras, OR
Sahar Eid (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu): Postdoctoral fellow, University of Idaho
Juliane Evans (MS with Dr. Tim Murray): DVM, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Zachary Frederick, (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Applied potato agronomist, Manitoba Horticultural Productivity Enhancement Centre
Leonardo (Leo) De La Fuente (PhD with Dr. Dave Weller): Associate Professor, Auburn University
Emily Gatch (PhD with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Instructor for the Sustainable Agriculture program at Edmonds Community
College, Edmonds, WA
Jessica Gigot (MS with Dr. Debbie Inglis): PhD in Horticulture and an MFA in creative writing.  She is a member of the Science Faculty at the Northwest Indian College, Bellingham, WA.  She is a recently published poet.
Chris Hammond (MS with Dr Dennis Johnson): Field Representative in the Yakama Valley
Leigh Ann Harrison (MS with Dr. Tim Murray): Monsanto Company, Chesterfield, MO
Sierra Hartney (MS with Dr. Lee Hadwiger): Plant Pathologist, Alf Christianson Co., Mount Vernon, WA
Donna Henderson (PhD with Dr. Katerina Riga); Staff Scientist, Monsanto, Woodland, CA
Marco Hernandez-Bello (MS with Dr. Tobin Peever): Post-doctoral fellow, USDA-ARS, Prosser, WA
Pablo Hernandez-Perez (MS with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Entomology assistant, USDA ARS, Yakima, WA
Leslie Holland (MS with Drs. Dean Glawe and Gary Grove): PhD Student, University of California, Davis
Danny Humphreys-Pereira (PhD with Drs. Axel Elling and Tobin Peever): Assistant Professor, University of Costa Rica
Jason Ingram (MS with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Research Assistant with Cornell,NY
Shashika Hewavitharana (MS with Dr. Mark Mazzola): PhD Student, Department of Plant Pathology, WSU
Madhu Kappagantu (PhD with Drs. Hanu Pappu and Ken Eastwell): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington State University
Sridhar Jarugula (PhD with Dr. Naidu Rayapati): Agr Consultant, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, India
Shyam Lal Kandel (MS with Dr. Tim Paulitz): PhD student, University of Washington
Wonyong Kim (PhD with Dr. Weidong Chen): Postdoctoral Associate, Michigan State University
Elizabeth Kramer (MS with Dr. Dean Glawe): Lead Biologist, NorthStar Technologies
Youn-Sig Kwak (PhD with Dr. Dave Weller): Professor, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea
Anna Leon (PhD with Dr. Gary Chastagner):  Nursery Pathologist, Weyerhauser Corporation
Yu-Hsuan Lin (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu): Postdoctoral fellow, USDA ARS and Cornell University
Qingchun Liu (Ph.D. with Dr. Chang-Lin Xiao): Postdoctoral fellow, WSU IAREC, Prosser
Chan Maketon (MS with Dr. Pat Okubara): AppliedChem and PhD student, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Stacy Mauzey (MS with Dr. Tim Murray): Staff Research Associate, Univ. of California Cooperative Extension, Salinas, CA
Olga Mavrodi (PhD with Dr. Linda Thomashow): Research Associate, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
Sean McCotter (MS with Dr. Lori Carris): PhD Student, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia
Katie McKeever (MS and PhD with Dr. Gary Chastagner): Forest Pathologist, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Forestry Division, Missoula, MT
Kamil Mohd Jaaffar (PhD with Dr. Linda Thomashow): Staff Scientist, Malaysian Cacao Board, Malaysia
Jon Minch (MS with Dr. Tim Murray): Faculty Research Assistant, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University
Raul Allende-Molar (PhD with Dr. Dave Weller): Research Associate, Center for Food and Development, Sinaloa, Mexico
Khalid Naveed (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu): Assistant Professor, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Evans Njambere (PhD with Dr. Weidong Chen): Program Manager, Pioneer-Dupont, Johnston, IA
Jennifer Niem (M.S with Dr. Debbie Inglis): Prof Service Staff, Crop & Env Services Division, IRRI, Los Baños 4031, Philippines   Nadav Nitzan (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Scientist for Stepac in Israel.
Vihanga Pahalawatta (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu): Senior Scientist, Abbott Labs, Chicago, IL
Binod Pandey (PhD with Dr. Gary Grove): Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Plant Pathology Dept., North Dakota State University
Sudarsana Poojari (PhD with Dr. Naidu Rayapati): Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, British Columbia, Canada
Grant Poole (PhD with Dr. Tim Paulitz): Plant Pathologist, Syngenta, Cheney, WA
Lyndon Porter (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson): Research Plant Pathologist, USAD-ARS, Prosser
Marianne Powell (MS with Dr. Debbie Inglis): Plant Pathologist, CSP Labs, Sacramento, CA
Sowmya Ramachandran (PhD with Dr. Scot Hulbert): Postdoctoral Research Associate, Plant Pathology, Washington State University
Bryce Richardson (PhD with Dr. Lori Carris): Research Geneticist, USDA ARS, Provo, UT
Megan Robinson (M.S. with Dr. Tim Murray): Bayer Crop Sciences, Saskatoon, Canada
Lucy Rollins (M.S. with Dr. Gary Chastagner):  Volunteer Coordinator, WSU Puyallup
Amy Salamone (MS with Dr. Debbie Inglis) Forest Pathology Laboratory Technician at Weyerhaeuser, Centralia, WA
Kurtis Schroeder (PhD with Dr. Tim Paulitz): Assistant Professor, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
Amogelang Segwagwe (PhD with Dr. Ken Eastwell): Lecturer, Botswana Agricultural College, Botswana
Parama Sikdar (PhD with Mark Mazzola): Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU TFREC, Wenatchee, WA
Dipak Sharma Poudyal (PhD with Dr. Xianming Chen): Plant Pathologist, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Salem, OR
Raina Spence (MS with Dr. Debbie Inglis): Director of Outreach, WA State Potato Commission
Hongyan Sheng (PhD with Dr. Tim Murray): Postdoctoral Fellow, WSU
Jane Stewart (PhD with Dr. Tobin Peever): Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
Lydia Tymon (PhD with Dr. Dennis Johnson):  Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU Mount Vernon NWREC
Leila Vasquez-Siller (Ph.D. with Dr. Tim Murray): Professor, Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro. Saltillo, Coahuila,
Danilo Vera Coello (PhD with Dr. Tim Murray): Staff scientist (Plant Protection Department ) National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP), Ecuador
Dan Villamor (PhD with Dr. Ken Eastwell): Postdoctoral fellow, WSU IAREC
John Weber (MS with Dr. Lindsey du Toit): Agronomist with Walker Brother Farms in Klamath Falls, OR
Muditha Weerakoon (MS with Dr. Mark Mazzola): Los Angeles, CA
David Wheeler (MS with Dr. Dennis Johnson): PhD student, Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University
Michele Wiseman (MS and with Dr. Gary Grove):  Pursuing a Master’s in Teaching degree, Oregon State University
Guiping Yan (PhD with Dr. Xianming Chen): Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, Department of Plant
Pathology, Fargo, ND
Ying Zhai (PhD with Dr. Hanu Pappu):  Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU

*Since 2002


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