College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Department of Plant Pathology

Jack D. Rogers


Research Specialty and Interests

Biology of fungi, especially Ascomycetes; taxonomy of Ascomycetes; pathology of forest trees

Professional Experience

WSU Assistant, Associate, and Professor and Plant Pathologist


  • American Phytopathological Society
  • Botanical Society of America
  • British Mycological Society
  • Mycological Society of America
  • Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching—1966-67
  • Outstanding Teacher, Dept. of Forestry and Range Management—1985; 1986
  • WSU President’s Award for Excellence in Research—1986
  • Mycological Society of America W. H. Weston Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Mycological Society of America Distinguished Mycologist Award
  • WSU Eminent Professor Award
  • WSU Regents Professor
  • WSU Library Excellence Award

Selected Publications

Rogers, J. D. 1979. The Xylariaceae: systematic, biological, and evolutionary aspects. Mycologia 71: 1-42.

Rogers, J. D. 1994. Problem genera and family interfaces in the Eupyrenomycetes. IN: D. L. Hawksworth, ed. Ascomycete systematics: problems and perspectives in the nineties. p. 321-331. Plenum Press, NY.

Ju, Y.-M. and J. D. Rogers. 1996. A revision of the genus Hypoxylon. APS Press. 365 pp.

Rogers, J. D., Y.-M. Ju & J. Lehmann.  2005.  Some Xylaria species from termite nests. Mycologia 97 (4): 914-923.

Rogers, J. D., J. Fournier, C. Lechat and R. Courtecuisse.  2006.  Camarops antillanasp. nov. and Camarops biporosa var. tetraspora from French West Indies.  Sydowia 58 (1):  105-109.

Rogers, J. D., Y.-M. Ju and D. E. Hemmes.  2006.  Hypoxylon subdisciforme sp. nov., Nemania abortiva sp. nov., and Xylotumulus gibbisporus gen. et sp. nov. from Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands.  Sydowia 58 (2):  290-299.

Rogers, J. D., Y.-M. Ju, J. Fournier, C. Lechat & R. Courtecuisse.  2007.  Camarops alborugosa    sp. nov. from French West Indies and Hypoxylon peleae sp. nov. from Hawaii.  Sydowia 59:  267-272.

Johnson Hall 325/327 (office) & 338 (lab), Vogel Plant Bioscience B6/B8
Tel.: (509)335-3732
Fax: (509)335-9581



Molds, Mildews and Mushrooms -PlP 150

Forest Pathology – PlP/NATRS 331

Advanced Fungal Biology – PlP 526

Professional Activities:

Past Councilor and President, Mycological Society of America

Department of Plant Pathology, PO Box 646430, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-6430, 509-335-9541, Contact Us
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