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PhD Graduate

Diwaker Tripathi recently completed the requirements for a Ph.D. in Molecular Plant Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Hanu R. Pappu, Professor of Plant Pathology. Diwaker’s Ph.D. dissertation was entitled “In vivo Localization and Interaction Studies of Tospovirus (Genus: Tospovirus; Family: Bunyaviridae) Proteins.” His advisory committee included Drs. MichDiwaker graduation webael Knoblauch, Michael Neff, and Patricia Okubara. Diwaker studied the localization and interaction patterns of Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV) proteins using bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC), pull down, and yeast-2-hybrid techniques. He also investigated the molecular basis of interactions between Tomato spotted wilt and IYSV in mixed infections.  In addition, he developed descriptors for chemically induced resistance to IYSV using datura as a model system.

Diwaker grew up in Lucknow, India. He received his bachelor’s degree in botany and chemistry in 2002 from the University of Lucknow and a master’s degree in biotechnology in 2004 from the Barkatullah University. He received his second master’s degree in biological sciences/biochemistry in 2010 from the East Tennessee State University, TN.  He joined the Department of Plant Pathology in fall 2010 to pursue his Ph.D. Diwaker will continue his research as a postdoctoral fellow in plant-pathogen interactions.

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