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‘Mushroom queen’ hunts fungus among us

October marks the peak of wild mushroom picking in the Northwest, and a Washington State University plant pathologist nicknamed the “mushroom queen” is just the person you’d want in tow. She can keep you from getting lost in the woods and from eating a mushroom that tastes bad – or worse, one that will make you sick.


Student Arturo Ferrer Quintero holds Pholiota mushrooms. (Photos by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services)

What’s more, when the hunt is over she’ll leave you fascinated by this ubiquitous yet mysterious group of organisms with a lineage that dates back millions of years.

“Newcomers to the fungi kingdom are often surprised to learn that a mushroom is not a plant and that genetically it’s more closely related to animals,” said associate professor Lori Carris. “It really forces them to think outside the box.”  Read more



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