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Postdoctoral Research Associate focusing on Plant-Microbe Interactions. WSU has a rich history of basic and applied plant sciences and this will be the inaugural position in a program aimed at bridging multiple departments and disciplines. For 2017, the search is targeted for a joint position between the laboratory of Maren Friesen in the Departments of Plant Pathology and Crop & Soil Sciences and the laboratory of John Peters within the Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC). The successful candidate will propose an innovative research project tackling core problems in plant-microbe interactions, leveraging and integrating mutual interests between the two host laboratories in the area of biological nitrogen fixation.

Postdoctoral Research Associate to study the genomics, molecular biology, ecology, and evolution of plant-diazotroph interactions in a suite of wild and agronomic systems. The position would provide the opportunity to join an interdisciplinary team conducting experimental work, field observations, genomic analyses, and mathematical modeling on multiple ongoing projects in legume-rhizobia and/or grass-associative nitrogen fixer interactions. Position responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to, the following: development, organization and implementation of protocols to evaluate the processes and outcomes of plant-microbe interactions; establishment and maintenance of laboratory and greenhouse experiments including analysis of transcriptomes and microbiomes using a suite of high-throughput technologies; isolation and maintenance of beneficial microbial strains, including genomic characterization; mathematical modeling of beneficial interactions and model parameterization using empirical data; training and supervision of temporary employees; development of experimental designs; collection, summarization, and statistical analysis of data; manuscript preparation and the opportunity to write grant proposals in conjunction with the principal investigator; contribute to an inclusive, collaborative and inspiring lab environment.

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