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Jardini Successful in M.S. Final Exam

Teresa Marie Jardini recently completed the requirement for an M.S. degree in plant pathology at Washington State University (WSU). Her thesis was entitled “Limited host range of Sclerotinia trifoliorum examined in comparison to S. sclerotiorum.” Her thesis committee consisted of Weidong Chen (chair), Dennis Johnson, and Frank DuganSclerotinia trifoliorum is limited in host range in comparison to S. sclerotiorum. Jadini conducted a series of studies to determine the mechanisms for the host limitation of S. trifoliorum. She found that S. trifoliorum grew slower than S. sclerotiorum and did not modify its environmental pH as quickly as S. sclerotiorum at all tested temperatures and pH levels. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum produced significantly more oxalic acid than S. trifoliorum after inoculation. Mating types did not afJardinifect growth rates. Sclerotinia trifoliorum produced much smaller lesions than S. sclerotiorum on detached legume leaves. Despite the significant difference in lesion size, the final pH levels of the lesions were either the same for the two species or statistically lower for S. trifoliorum lesions. Based on the results, she concluded that the limited ability of S. trifoliorum to modify its environmental pH, in addition to other factors not yet determined, may limit its host range.   Jardini grew up in Salinas, California and received her B.S. degree in biological science with emphasis in plant biology from the University of California, Davis in 2013. At WSU, she received an APS Pacific Division Travel Award to present research results at the division meeting in 2014.

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