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Graduate Student Invited to Present Doctoral Research at Imaging and Robotics Symposium

Diwaker Tripathi, PhD student in Molecular Plant Sciences, working under the supervision of Dr. Hanu Pappu, Sam Smith Distinguished Professor in the department, was invited to present results of his ongoing PhD dissertation research at the Fall Symposium, “PhenoDays: Imaging and Robotics for the 21st Century Science” to be held later this month at the Donald Danforth Center, St. Louis, MO. Tripathi’s research focus is on understanding the interactions between virally coded proteins in plants during the virus infection and replication process. For this, he is using novel marker technology and bimolecular fluorescence imaging to study protein-protein interactions in virus-infected plants.  Using negative-stranded RNA viruses as a model system, Tripathi aims to develop a common molecular strategy to control viral diseases in plants. Tospoviruses cause more than US $1 billion in crop losses in many parts of the world.  Tripathi is using fluorescent protein marDiwakerkers to tag viral proteins and infiltrating them into the host plants for plant-virus and inter-virus interaction studies. These interactions between viral proteins in infected plants are visualized using the microscope facilities at the WSU Franceschi Microscopy Imaging Center. His PhD supervisory committee includes Drs. Pappu (chair), Michael Knoblauch, Michael Neff and Pat Okubara.

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