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Fulbright scholar joins Deven See’s lab

Tik 2017by Kanokporn Triwitayakorn (Tik), Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Mahidol University, Thailand

Genomic-AssistedĀ Approaches for Cassava Breeding Program in Thailand

With the importance of cassava for the world population as well as the Thai economy, breeding of cassava with high yield, starch, resistance to diseases and other important traits is essential for the cassava breeding program in Thailand. The Fulbright Program in Thailand has emphasized the importance of cassava to the country, and annually awards scientist under the Thai Visiting Scholar Program (TVS) to study and research abroad in labs with technologies not available in Thailand. Markers generated from next-generation sequencing will be developed and applied for construction of high density genetic linkage map of cassava based on 250 individuals of Thai cassava germplasm as well as 250 F1 samples derived from three different crosses. Phenotypic data which has been collected and recorded in Thailand for at least 2 years will be integrated for QTL analysis. After obtaining the QTL map, physical mapping will be performed and the regions containing QTL associated with important traits will be focused on for gene annotation and identification. The information and knowledge obtained from this collaborative project will serve as the basis to formulate an economic and sustainable strategy to enhance cassava productivity. Furthermore, our collaboration will provide various opportunities for education of cutting-edge and global plant science to young researchers.

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