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August in the News

Summer Graduate:
Congratulations to Vihanga Pahalawata, who completed her Ph.D. program with major professor Dr. Hanu Pappu.

Faculty Travel:
Lindsey du Toit was invited by the New Zealand Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) to give several presentations at the annual FAR International Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand on 24th-26th July 2007. Lindsey spoke on two topics “Managing Foliar Diseases in Vegetable Seed Crops” and “Growing Quality Seed”. In addition, Lindsey met with seed growers and representatives from vegetable seed companies in the Canterbury Plains area of New Zealand to discuss research and disease management recommendations in seed crops for vegetables such as spinach, table beet, carrot, radish, and onion.

From the APS Annual Meeting:
Leigh Ann Harrison was presented with the Storkan-Hanes-McCaslin Foundation Fellowship for support of her PhD research. (More info below in “June in the News.”) see photo
Dr. Naidu Rayapati received the International Service Award at the annual meeting held between July 18 and August 1, 2007 at San Diego, California. (More info below in “April in the News.”)

Visiting Scientists:
Mr. Joaquin Bernardo Díaz Rivera, a virologist with the Dirección General de Sanidad Vegetal of the Centro Nacional de Referencia Fitosanitaria, Mexico City, Mexico, is visiting Dr. Hanu Pappu in the Department of Plant Pathology on Pullman Campus.  During his two-week stay, Joaquin will be receiving training in applying serological and molecular techniques for the detection and characterization of topsoviruses and potyviruses in vegetables, and viruses of nursery and ornamental crops.  Joaquin’s plant virology laboratory conducts surveillance and testing of plant viruses for the Mexican Department of Agriculture (SAGARPA).  Other activities of his unit include determination of quarantine status of plant viruses in México, epidemiological studies of CTV and PVY in Mexico, and validation of techniques for detection of plant viruses.

Ross L. Gilbert, Senior Technical Officer, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orange, NSW, Australia and Ph.D. candidate, New England University visited Tobin Peever, Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University July 26-28, 2007. Ross presented a seminar to the department entitled “Nimbya spp. associated with an aquatic weed in Australia:  Systematics and biocontrol applications”, met with individual faculty and discussed his research with Peever lab members Martin Chilvers, Hajime Akamatsu, and Jane Stewart. Before leaving Pullman, Ross distributed autographed copies of his latest CD with the November Shorn Bush Band entitled, “Live in Nashdale.” see photo

Dr. Camille Kerlan, INRA, Le Rheu, Domaine de la Motte, France visited Dr. Hanu Pappu on August 3, 2007. Dr Kerlan works on potato viruses with emphasis on Potato virus Y.  Dr. Kerlan’s group recently identified a molecular marker for rapid identification and differentiation of PYV strains. see photo

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